Nothing personal, John Wayne. You were squintiest of all Indian Killers and your walk was hilarious, but, for decades, Hollywood, the mainstream media and those that wrote the history books THAT we’ve all learned from, have (mis)represented Indigenous Peoples and it’s time for us to take our stories back.

Since the advent of moving pictures, hell, since before that, since Jesuit missionaries and early explorers started putting pen to paper, someone else has been telling Indigenous stories and framing said stories from a tired, Euro-centric point of view. At the expense of sounding dramatic, these stories always end with dead Indians.

We’ve aimed this blog post title at Hollywood, one of the most powerful perpetrators of half-truths and over conflated White Hero storylines, but the conversation can be more grounded as well. We can point to textbooks, comic books, racist sports teams logos, halloween costumes, music videos, visual art and just about any other pop culture trash that has been created “in the spirit of” Indian-ness that have created much of the distance we experience via the misunderstanding around cultural appropriation and representations

Folks. Those days are over.


Gone are the days where you have nowhere to turn to hear Indigenous Peoples talk about their lives, creatively present their past, presents and futures or hear their music. Indian & Cowboy is a digital media platform meant to give those willing, a chance to listen, engage, learn and respond to Indigenous Peoples.

Today, our transition from podcast network to Indigenous media platform is about half way realized.

When we reach our goal, we will be a GLOBAL INDIGENOUS MEDIA PLATFORM. We want to amplify Indigenous voices around the world. We rise together.

Our entire platform will officially launch on Saturday July 1st, 2017.

Happy birthday, Canada. For the next 150 years, Indigenous voices will be supported, centered and amplified via our member supported network.

We’ve rebuilt our website from the ground up. We have made our content the star of the show. We have custom built our podcast audio player. We have bolstered our team. We have deep and meaningful community partnerships. The podcasts aren’t going anywhere, in fact, we’re launching a pilot pitch contest today and we’re looking to bring 2 new shows onto the network by the end of 2017. Also, by the end of 2017, you’re going to be able to watch web series’, pilots, live streams and other worldclass Indigenous video content.

We have created a company that takes best practices and industry breaking models to create an Indigenous media company that has never existed before.


Here’s what you can expect from Indian & Cowboy going forward:

  • A Better Supported PODCAST Network – we have bolstered our team & found partners that care about audio, community and storytelling as much as we did when we first started the website.
  • New Podcasts Are Coming To The Network – we’re currently working with a handful of producers AND are running a pitch contest until June 1st, 2017. Our winning podcast team will be announced on July 1st, 2017 during our platform relaunch;
  • We Are Commissioning Work: In our THINK section, we are going to be commissioning opinions, articles and columns from emerging writers in Indian Country; say hello to our Editor, Tara Williamson. Our pitch process opens today. Talk to us.
  • We Are Transitioning To A Media Platform:  the most exciting change, our premium platform will include original web series’ that are exclusive to our premium platform, pilots, exclusive live streams, videos, short audio/video documentary and more.
  • We Are Creating Space For Emerging Writers:  our monthly newsletter is space we’re creating for emerging writers & shit disturbers. You can expect commentary and critique, pontifications and opinion – this isn’t your ordinary newsletter – this is a unique and dynamic new voice on Turtle Island that is NOT to be missed. JOIN TODAY!
  • We Are Bringing Our Platform To The People: we are knees deep in planning LIVE EVENT programming this Fall. Indian & Cowboy is coming to your neck of the woods – join the newsletter to learn more.


You can support us by joining our monthly paid subscriber plan – hit our DONATE page to learn about what we offer to our paid subscribers and learn more about what you might expect from Indian & Cowboy come July 1st, 2017. You should also join our NEWSLETTER to get all of our updates to keep up to date with us.


We have plans for monthly events during Canada 150. We have a number of live events & a festival planned for 2017/2018. We are presenting at conferences, universities and colleges around the world. We’d love to hear from you if you have an idea about how we might be able to work together.