The Makoons Media Group is proud to announce that Indian & Cowboy, the world’s only member supported Indigenous media platform, has entered into a news and media partnership with Twitter Canada effective Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

The partnership allows Indian & Cowboy to access a suite of partner exclusive tools that broaden reach, scope, and engagement with our audiences. Social engagement is a key to nurturing and building the community around Indian & Cowboy and plans are already underway to strengthen the networks innovative delivery of the internet’s best Indigenous content on the planet.

 “The partnership provides us a chance to do what we already do, but, better – advancing the discourse, understanding, and engagement of Indigenous storytelling through a variety of platform offerings now available on,” explains Indian & Cowboy Chief Creative Producer, Ryan McMahon.

This partnership announcement comes just 10 days before Indian & Cowboy’s official platform relaunch (July 1st, 2017) that includes unveiling their premium content platform to their paid membership base. The relaunch plan includes:

  • In our THINK section, we are going to be commissioning opinions, articles, and columns from emerging writers in Indian Country; say hello to our Editor, Tara Williamson. Our pitch process opens today. Talk to us.
  • Our PREMIUM PLATFORM will include original web series’ that are exclusive to our premium platform, pilots, exclusive live streams, videos, short audio/video documentary and more.
  • Our NEWSLETTER is taking centre stage. Commentary and critique, pontifications and opinion – this isn’t your ordinary newsletter – this is a unique and dynamic new voice on Turtle Island that is NOT to be missed. JOIN TODAY!
  • We are planning LIVE EVENT programming this Fall. Indian & Cowboy is coming to your neck of the woods – join the newsletter to learn more.

All Indian & Cowboy podcasts will remain free on the network.



Monthly membership ensures we continue to do the good work we’re doing and allows you to continue enjoying the best Indigenous content on the planet! Membership comes with various perks and rewards – please consider giving monthly!

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