In the words of the genre breaking, Mother Girth, “Go smudge your soul, Canada.” We’re a bit biased, but, that’s some pretty solid advice, Canada.

We were fortunate enough to have caught the making of her collab with Blackfoot Filmmaker, Damian Eagle Bear, at the Kanata Festival in Unceded Coast Salish territory and when we caught wind of what they were up to, we immediately asked them if we could post the exclusive here at Indian & Cowboy.

 With emerging creative voices like this, it looks like we’re in good hands on our journey to #TheNext150.



Mother Girth is an interdisciplinary artist from the Syilx, Ho-cak, Anishinaabe nations. She recently debuted her burlesque number Water Spirit’s Retribution, a reminder to respect water, and performed at Tipi Confessions. Mother Girth made this rap video to stay sane during 150. Go smudge your soul, Canada!

Find her on Twitter: @mother_girth

Damien Eagle Bear is a Blackfoot filmmaker from the Kainai Nation and is currently an uninvited guest on Coast Salish territory. His focus is working with partners to create documentary and education films aimed at Indigenous audiences. When collaborating with other filmmakers Damien often takes the role of cinematographer. “I Love Kanata” was a way to express his frustrations with the Canadian myth.

Find him on Twitter: @damien_eb

Tyler Lucas is the sound mixer.

Jaye and Mitcholos are the smudge squad.

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