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Broken Boxes – Lauren Higgens (EP#37)

Nov 6 • Indian & Cowboy

Global organizer Lauren Higgins is a creative producer, artist, and strategist committed to innovative design and change serving 100% of humanity. Lauren ignites experience, pioneering new ways of working in organizations and enterprises that help both teams and leaders respond to the challenges and opportunities of the sustainability era.

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Broken Boxes – Cannupa Hanska Luger (EP#36)

Oct 13 • Indian & Cowboy

The Broken Boxes Podcast is proud to welcome Cannupa Hanska Luger back to the podcast! Cannupa is a ceramic and mixed media artist who creates socially conscious work balanced with a high standard of craftsmanship. His sculpture has been added to various museum collections and shown in exhibitions worldwide. 

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Broken Boxes – Alma Rosa Silva-Bañuelos (EP#35)

Oct 6 • Indian & Cowboy

Organizing can be considered as one of the highest forms of Art. It requires equal measures of creative thought, patience, compassion, problem solving, awareness and selflessness. In this episode of Broken Boxes Podcast we get into conversation with community organizer and global revolutionary Alma Rosa Silva-Bañuelos

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