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Knives & Wildrice EP#8 – It’s All So New To Me

Feb 5 • Indian & Cowboy

In this episode of Knives & Wildrice we catch up with Nick after a long absence from the podcast. In what is likely the most honest episode of this podcast to date, Nick and Ryan talk for nearly an hour about what’s been going on with the podcast and why there was such a lengthy break in between episodes. 

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Knives & Wildrice EP#6 – Putting It All On The Line

Nov 3 • Ryan McMahon

In this episode of Knives & Wildrice we are brought into the most personal & powerful episode of the series – we hear about the struggle of making everything work as an independent musician and the pressures therein. Nick gives us details about the indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that is set to launch soon and he gives us a brand new song – Time & Tears.

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Knives & Wildrice EP#5 – Get Out Of My Truck

Oct 27 • Ryan McMahon

In this episode we get a sneak peek at a new song Nick is working on based on an experience he had while on the road travelling home. Nick tells a pretty awesome story about a dream he had and how powerful it was to be on the land during the dream. A killer story AND a new song – this is a good episode of Knives & Wildrice!

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Knives & Wildrice EP#4 – So You Want To Be A Rockstar, Huh

Oct 20 • Ryan McMahon

In this episode of Knives & Wildrice we hear about Nick’s Ontario tour and listeners get a taste of the gruelling schedule and commitment it takes to play shows, tour and try to “make it” in the independent Canadian music scene. We hear tales of trailer troubles, sleeping on floors, empty gas tanks and late nights with great people. This episode of the podcast might change some minds as to whether you’re cut out for the road or not.

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