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The Henceforward Episode #16 – Water Ways and Ways to the Water

Oct 2 • ind_admin

In this episode, Jessamyn Polson, Kate Curtis, and Greer Brabazon linger with water and all of its rushing meaning. Including an extended interview with Dr. Karyn Recollet, this episode considers ways to find ourselves back in love and in good relation to the water. Other contributors include Simone Weir, Erin Soros, and Sandi Wemigwase.

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The Henceforward Episode 14: “It’s Not About You” – An Interview with Kyle Mays

Jun 3 • ind_admin

In this episode, Marie Laing, Rebecca Beaulne-Stuebing, Sandi Wemigwase, and Sefanit Habtom sit with Kyle Mays to discuss his work as a Black-American Saginaw Anishinaabe scholar and hip-hop enthusiast. He discusses what draws him to the work he is currently doing, how hip-hop is used to dismantle Indigenous stereotypes, and what relationships he hopes to see between Indigenous and Black peoples. He also recommends many artists and writers for listeners to check out.

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