Aaniin, boozhoo, tansi! My name is Tara Williamson and I’m a member of the Opaskwayak Crew Nation and was raised in Gaabishkigamaag (Swan Lake, Manitoba). I’m excited to be your Editor here at Indian and Cowboy.

Our goal is to stay true to the moniker “Think” and publish work that engages ideas in a way that is provocative and relevant for Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island and the world. We are interested in pieces that not only address things that affect us in the here and now, but also that will continue to affect us into the future. What do we need to start talking about NOW to anticipate our lives in 5 years? 10 years? 150 years? We are open to various mediums and will consider pitches on a case by case basis.

We are open to various mediums and will consider pitches on a case by case basis. We are a new startup, so we are limited by a monthly budget and can only commission a certain number of pitches per month. Of course, we’re looking to change that as our business grows.

Some things that will help your pitch:

  1. Keep it brief – 250 words or less should suffice.
  2. Be novel – Again, we’re interested in more than just the current hot topics, we want to see original thought and a connection to the future.
  3. Be as specific as possible – We want to have a pretty good idea of where you’re going – “Indigenous issues” isn’t specific enough, for example
  4. Include a bio – Tell us who you are in 150 words or less (this is in addition to your word count for the pitch)

Send a sample:

Been published? Send a link to a sample of your work (or a PDF attachment). Haven’t been published? That’s ok! We’re excited to publish new writers. Just write your pitch in your own style and show us your strengths! 

Interested? Got questions?

Send me an email at