In this first episode of Knives & Wildrice we catch Nick on the day he receives the news that he has not landed his grants that were to pay for his next music project. Not landing funding for an Artist can be devestating news, especially for an Artist with a family to take care of – but – this is where Knives & Wildrice begins.

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  • I feel you Nick. Keep your head up brother! Music will eventually save everything. – Mic Jordan | Anishanaabe Hip Hop Artist

  • Really hope things take off for you Nick, totally been working you ass off for MANY years in music. I’ve listened to your work evolve over the years (and, wow), now remembering back when I met you in the Soux for the first time, it’s pretty cool. Memory lane a sec; You’re folks saved my ass in a way that’s hard to explain, taking a complete stranger in like family was incredible from where I stood… which was beside my self mostly, lol. We jammed at the arena an hung out, as if we’d known each other for years before. Priceless memory’s I’ll hold for life, you deserve a break too, if I can help I totally will.

  • Don’t forget to use your sound recorder at your events mans. Let us know if the turn out was good or bad, and maybe even include some live audio. If you’re touring around with Leonard get him to say something about this project. I hope you get some money man. 🙂

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