In this episode of Red Man Laughing we argue strongly for the need for a statement of facts in Canada as it pertains to Indigenous Peoples in this country.

In this first half of the show, Ryan lays out the argument that if we are going to move forward in this country, we cannot do so by ignoring the truth, we are having wildly different conversations about the real roots of Canada.

In the second half of the show, we replay an excerpt from Canadaland’s political podcast, Commons. In this episode of Commons, Ryan and co-host, Hadiya Roderique, are joined by Anishinaabe TIFF Programmer and CBC Radio Columnist, Jesse Wente, to talk about cultural appropriation and the actual effects of the wildly different understandings about the history of Canada and why that matters.

Thanks to Jesse Brown, Russel Gregg and Canadaland for allowing us permission to replay this very important episode of Commons.

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