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Red Man Laughing – Miinikaag and the Bear

In this episode of Red Man Laughing we look at reconciliation in a completely different way than we have in other episodes this season. In this episode we ask how Indigenous Peoples can make a return…

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Red Man Laughing – The Sugar Bush Family

In this episode of Red Man Laughing we take you to Fort William First Nation to visit a group of incredible Anishinaabeg that are dedicating their time, love & energy to a special stand of Maple trees on the side of Mount McKay near Thunder Bay, ON in the traditional territory of Fort William First Nation. 

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Knives & Wildrice EP#1 – Bad News, New Beginnings

In this first episode of Knives & Wildrice we catch Nick on the day he receives the news that he has not landed his grants that were to pay for his next music project. Not landing funding for an Artist can be devestating news, especially for an Artist with a family to take care of – but – this is where Knives & Wildrice begins.

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