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Broken Boxes – Maria Hupfield (EP#48)

Broken Boxes Podcast is proud to present this episode as the fifth installation in a series of interviews featuring artists and their respondents from the socially engaged project #callresponse. In this episode, Maria Hupfield speaks about her experiences living as an artist in New York, the influence her upbringing has had on her lifestyle, and shares reflections on where she finds inspiration to fuel her creative process. 

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Broken Boxes – Introducing: #callresponse (EP#43)

For our Two Year Anniversary, Broken Boxes Podcast is honored to begin a series of interviews with the Artists involved in #callresponse. This multifaceted project brings together five site­specific art commissions that invite collaboration with individuals, communities, lands and institutions. This socially engaged project focuses on the “act of doing” through performative actions, highlighting the responsibility of voice and necessity of communal dialogue practiced by Indigenous Peoples.

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