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Think Indigenous – Max Fineday

In this episode of Think Indigenous, Max Fineday, a young Cree leader, breaks down his thoughts on the intersection between reconciliation and education and whether a pathway forward can be created mutually! A dynamic and fast paced presentation, this is an essential episode of the podcast.

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Think Indigenous – Shauneen Pete

In this episode of Think Indigenous, Dr. Shauneen Pete encourages us to break the system, change the system, buck the system and create a new system – one that empowers and embraces Indigenous Peoples.

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Red Man Laughing – The Argument For A Statement of Facts For Canada

A statement of facts is needed in Canada if we are going to get serious about moving forward in this country. If the appropriation prize debacle in this country has proven anything, it’s that when it comes to being on the same page in this country in regards to the Indigenous reality in Canada, we’re not even close.

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