7 Urban Myths About Dating Bisexual Guys — Because No, We’re Not “Puzzled”

As I first arrived on the scene as bisexual, I imagined the whole world would-be mine for your taking. After several years of struggling with my sexual positioning, I thought everything would fall under place the second I approved and enjoyed my self to be bi. In addition thought my online dating life would explode.

I could now date individuals of all sexes

, I remember considering to my self. For the first time in quite a few years, I found myself worked up about the long run. I happened to be worked up about the prospect of internet dating. And I was excited to get me online.

I was very naive.

I did not know the cruel
stereotypes that plague bisexual males
. Having satisfied very few out bisexual guys in real world, I gotn’t formed any beliefs about bi men my self, and given the
not enough representation
inside media, i did not understand that both directly females and gay guys have actually many preconceptions about matchmaking bi guys.

Check out associated with the incorrect myths i have heard of male bisexuality since I have arrived as bi over last year — and exactly why they’re not based in any fact, at the least within my case.

Myth no. 1: That We’re Using It As A Stepping-stone To Becoming “Full-Blown Gay”

Pertaining to anyone folks who are bisexual, it’s definitely not a phase. We aren’t experimenting.
We’re not baffled.
We aren’t in assertion. Yes, some homosexual men have tried “bisexual” as a fleeting label on the path to gaytown, and that’s OK. But simply because you understand a few homosexual males which utilized the tag as a pit end, that doesn’t mean we-all do. You should not invalidate a fundamental section of our identity by informing you we are “puzzled.”

This happens for me everyday — oftentimes, with gay males. Once I let them know I’m bi, I have this pitiful look, that will be typically associated with something such as, “Oh, don’t worry, honey, you will get there.” I have it. You’ve probably of using bi” as a stepping material, but that doesn’t mean i will be. Keep your shame for anyone whom needs it.

Myth number 2: That We’re Greedy Gender Addicts

It isn’t really towards intercourse. If you truly believe that bisexual guys are just horndogs, then you will want to reevaluate just what


price in your partnerships. Matchmaking and love can be so so much more than simply sex. We’re not bi because we wish to bone every little thing with a hole. Contrary to popular belief, bisexual guys continue to have standards. I could be bi, but We nonetheless you should not necessarily should rest to you.

Oh, without:
we necessarily you should not live for threesomes
, so please, stop asking.

Myth # 3: Our Gender Expression Is Right About Our Very Own Sexual Orientation

Like any some other intimate orientation nowadays, the sex phrase has nothing regarding all of our intimate tastes. Sure, some bi the male is much more generally “masculine-presenting,” whereas other people might-be more “feminine-presenting” — but that does not mean we’re
“gayer” or “straighter”
than many other bi guys. In addition it doesn’t mean we’ve got an over-all inclination toward one gender much more. It simply means we behave in a way that society features arbitrarily decided fits a particular gender.

Or, you’ll be like me. I am both very masculine and feminine-presenting. I’ve my

“Yass king”

times and my personal “Bro” times. But no, that nevertheless does not state anything about my tourist attractions to several men and women.

Myth #4. That People All Like Men And Women Similarly

We might never be equally drawn to people. We might or may not prefer one sex more. Our amount of attraction to one sex may boost or decrease with time.
We aren’t all 50/50
, but we are however bisexual. And kindly, cannot ask you who we like a lot more.

Because at the conclusion of the afternoon, as I let you know i love both you and want to be with you, it indicates just that. My personal some other crushes not issue.

Myth #5: That Individuals Cannot Be Monogamous And Loyal

Bisexuality doesn’t cause you to any more or less likely to be polyamorous, or any
prone to deceive
. Irrespective of sexual orientation, folks cheat. Heterosexual individuals cheat. Homosexual men and women cheat. Pansexual and bisexual individuals cheat. No matter what sexual direction, people also can discover non-monogamous types of connections — or capable prefer to get monogamous.

Since I have’ve come out as bisexual, i’ve maybe not as soon as duped on any companion I’ve had. I really just duped


I arrived as bisexual, once I was actually sexually baffled.

Myth #6: That People’re All “Best”

We aren’t all tops. Some bisexual males love to bottom.

Also, simply because you are a woman, does not mean you can’t enter men. Fingertips, tongue, or yep, a strap on, are fair online game. Some of us learn how fantastic it feels, and love the power and susceptability which comes from becoming penetrated.
I know I do
, as there are
nothing these days hotter
than becoming penetrated by a woman. You’re going to need to use my personal term for this — and sometimes even better, don’t. Determine for yourself.

Myth no. 7: That People Scatter HIV To Females

Discover a nasty and upsetting false impression that bisexual guys are much more expected to distribute HIV to heterosexual women more than various other fraction teams.
That is incorrect
. In 2014, M. Reuel Friedman, Ph.D., MPH, a specialist at University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public wellness
posted a study

LGBT Health

, entitled

From Bias to Bisexual Health Disparities: Attitudes towards Bisexual Both women and men in the us

. His analysis evaluated precisely why individuals think, in spite of the data, that bisexual guys are dispersing HIV.

As Friedman told

HIV Plus
, ”

Whether it is concern with homosexual people, concern with bisexual men and women, concern about black folks, and/or concern about HIV not being a strictly ‘gay’ illness. Mass media, as well as clinical literary works, have not always reported in an unprejudiced method on bisexual men and women; after that, once you make an intimately transmitted illness this is certainly more often than not deadly if without treatment, and an extremely disproportionate infection rate among African-Americans, you’ve got a kind of aircraft gas for incendiary press.”

I understand precisely why folks may think bisexual men distribute HIV to females at substantially larger prices. Men and women wish someone to pin the blame on, but bisexual men really should not be the scapegoat. HIV is actually sent through condom-less sex and intravenous medication utilize, maybe not bisexual males exactly who apply secure sex.

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